The New First Family

The president-elect and his family
became the first family elect, our
first family soon to be, but soon to

be what? So far they have been
the family that is all about them-
selves and only themselves and no

one…else. They have been about
money, about glamor delivered
under knife and anesthetic, about

glitz, about privilege, about
superficiality, oh, and of course
everything that is noble and

high-minded and self-sacrificial,
and serving the best interest of
others…not, not, not, no, no, no….

Can this really be OUR first
family? How can it be when 47%
of Americans never bothered

to vote on who they wanted their
family to be? And so, like the
family we get by birth for

better and so very often for
worse and much worse, this
is the family we get by not

caring enough to cast our
vote and, of course, that
first family soon-to-be is

supposed to be everything we
admire and seek to emulate
in our better selves and

in spite of the head of that
family spewing forth hate
upon hate. Fear and hate

gave us this family; and,
so, this first family is
ours not by fate but by hate.


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