The Man Asked

The man asked his millennial daughter
why she was crying so hard. “Because
Trump won.” The man hesitated and
then asked, “Did you vote?” “No. I
was a Bernie supporter.” Shaking his
head, he said, “Well, that’s not exactly
the way it works, dear.” The man then
thought of all the millennial protesters
in cities across the country. He wonder-
ed how many of those protesting the
outcome of the election voted. In this
case, it’s not better late than never.
To use a Trump friendly phrase — A
day late and a dollar short. Well, he
thought, it is too late and they are
never going to change the outcome
from this side of history. He sighed,
bit his tongue and went to the fridge
for an ice cold one to soothe his
weary brow and dull the pain of his
deep depression.

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