I Know We Are Scared

I know we are scared to death,
but there is a part of me that
hopes The Donald is just as much
a schmuck as what referring to him
as The Donald would indicate. No
one would dare refer to Adolph as
The Adolph, in which case that
would be a one way ticket to oblivion.
The good news is that this way,
hopefully, it means The Donald really
is just a schoolyard bully, who is
just a scaredy-cat in disguise. In
which case, he will not be so scary
and hopefully will revert to the
reasonable actions he espoused
in the past. Unfortunately, the
bad news is that the supporters
of Trump, not The Donald, will be
greatly disappointed and will not
stand for it and might really scare
The Donald and the rest of us to
death thanks to the schmuck, The

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