November 14 — On Turning 72

My sister Marcia, who for six months is five and a half years older than I am and for six months is six years older than I am, which, of course, can’t be except when looking only at the ages and not the dates of birth, asked in an e-mail if I were catching up to her. Here is my response.

For a half a year I’m catching up to you, Sister Sue.
I’m seventy-two and not at all blue.
I jog, cycle, kayak, camp
and walk the dog whether it’s sunny or damp.
Wife Chris can tell you
if there is anything else I still can do
like climb Piestewa Peak or chug a microbrew or two but not a few.
So far we’re still having fun
right here in the Valley of the Sun.

On a serious note, I’m just sick, sick, sick that we just elected The Hollow Man (October 15 post) president of the United States. I commit to working in non-violent resistance to policies that would hurt women, minorities and our LGBT brothers and sisters. Kyrie Eleison.

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