The Hollow Man in the Sand

In the sandbox all day,
come what may,
the Hollow Boy would play
with his bright, plastic toys
and an erector set so gay.
Other children came to play
and he instructed
each and every one of them
to go or stay
and he could because
he was big for his age
and no one would challenge
his dominion and authority
each and every day —
otherwise. Otherwise, he would
make them stay away
until they came
and told him to his face
that the sandbox was his place,
his very own space
alone and a palace of grace,
otherwise he would
throw sand in his or her face.
And so the Hollow Boy
grew into the Hollow Man
who continued to throw sand
at anyone who challenged
his every plan
and he has so many fans
who said, “I’ll vote for
the Hollow Man.”
And so, it came to pass
that the Hollow Man
became the king of the land
deciding who could come
and visit him
in his land
with the very slippery slope
leading to quick sand.

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