Is There Hope?

Is there hope for an eleventh hour reprieve —
a chance that votes of conscience would be received
on the December day of the Presidential election?
There’s mounting evidence of foreign
tampering to sway
the election a particular way,
any way but an honest, legal way.
Has there been an unholy collusion
to create confusion
masquerading as the clarion call
to make America great again
when it is probably only for one family’s
and a few foreign countries’ personal gain?
Scared, white people have been duped, again;
racial tensions rise
and increased hate crimes
are no surprise
in the wake
of an election as fake
as the slogan to make America great —
which is simply code for
let’s take America back again
to a time when whites securely were in control
and women and minorities
were given a subservient role
and LGBT’s were told to crawl back in their hole.
Pray for an eleventh hour reprieve
before the great nation of America
goes back and back on human rights
and the great, inclusive American rainbow coalition
proves an experience so brief
and the country is plunged into deep grief.


One thought on “Is There Hope?

  1. Is there hope? Yes, andc again, I say YES! Germany;;;at great price…survived Hitler and Japan Tojo and Italy Mussolini, et;al. Night may fall for a short time…2 to 4 years…but dawn always follows and then we will be great again. The days of Lincoln remind me that we have gone through horrible times even before WWII, and we survived. Now is the time to think about how to adapt to guerrilla warfare, legislative blocking and compromising and clearly defining our message as Democrats and Americans.
    This is an Advent like few before; Christmas is a promise like none before.

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