Democrats are the Nicest Folks

Democrats are the nicest folks
on the face of the earth.
When elected to office they
kiss the babies shortly after birth.
They smile in the face of opposition
and congratulate all opposing positions.
They tuck their tails and run
and ask, “Isn’t this just so much fun?”
Meanwhile, the Republicans go for blood
and have done so since the Great Flood.
They couldn’t care less about protocol
and tell just about everybody to go to hell.
They fight and scrape and get things undone
along the Beltline meaning Washington.
Wouldn’t you love to ignite some fire
under the butts of the Democrats
and raise the consternation and ire
of all those smug, former Dixiecrats,
harboring resentment about losing
the Civil War
and, soon to be minority whites,
calling for a racial war?
Well, let’s hope the Dems to the occasion will rise
and catch the Republicans and Tea Party
followers by surprise
and effect legislation to save the planet,
women’s and LGBT rights.
Wouldn’t you just love that kind of fight —
the fight to see our precious Republic
rising to new and greater heights?


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