The Neighborhood, Backyard Christmas Party

Two local elders sat at the outdoor table
on an overcast, cool, damp night.
Young adults were barely able
to corral their children taking flight

around the yard, on the swing,
climbing in and out of the log house,
jumping up and down on the trampoline,
scurrying around like a mouse

looking for some bits of cheese.
The backyard movie was about to start,
so parents shouted, “Come here now, PLEASE!
The Christmas movie is about to start.”

Parents fortified with libations
filled their holiday plates
and chatted about neighborhood information
with a little gossip thrown in — necessity’s sake.

The two elders having surveyed the scene
finished their cookies and wine
and quietly nodded to each other without being seen
that to leave would be just fine —
to head home and put out Santa’s mulled wine.

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