Where Is the Flash Mob When You Need A Little Beauty, Joy and Grace? — A Rap Poem

It would take social
scientists, sociologists,
social workers or maybe
just a sociopath to ex-
plain the insane behavior
of youths in shopping malls
shouting “He’s got a gun,”
and tossing bottles of pop
at cops in food courts and
causing mayhem of all sorts.
Is it just kids blowing off
steam in between Christmas
and the New Year’s Eve chao-
tic scene or is it something
far deeper and darker and
scarier about what our country
is becoming and where it is
descending? Excuse the arm-
chair, sociological quarter-
backing but you know it is
always the adolescent who
puts on a show acting out
about the dysfunction in the
family because he or she
doesn’t have the filter in
place to face the rat race
and then there in the corner
of the food court stands the
sociopath with a smirk smack
dab in the middle of his pizza
pie hole face. Instead of
destructive Mall Mobs we need
a Flash Mob symphony’s beauty,
joy and grace.


One thought on “Where Is the Flash Mob When You Need A Little Beauty, Joy and Grace? — A Rap Poem

  1. Living in W. Mich bubble, I guess
    These are not my flash mobs, I confess
    Heard only wonderful renditions
    Of beloved Christmas music traditions
    Hate going to malls for any reason
    Prefer total avoidance Oct- Jan season
    Perhaps one day I shall dress in “concert black”
    To infiltrate a chorus, enter singing, await a future callback

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