It is dark inside the body;
there is no light beneath
the skin, but it doesn’t
stop anything from working
properly. I certainly could-
n’t work in the dark; I
would have to have lots of
light to see what I was
doing but apparently (which
means something akin to
seeing — “Middle English,
from Anglo-French apparant,
from Latin apparent-, apparens,
present participle of apparēre
to appear. First Known Use:
14th century.” I use it because
I have to use images of
illumination to explain
what can’t be seen — like
God, for instance) in God
there is no darkness at all.
So, I’m thinking to myself,
when scripture and the creed
use that cryptic imagery of
Jesus descending into hell,
he could see everything and
bring light to those in
darkness. Nice metaphor.

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