Serendipitous? Providential? Synchronistic?

The man read three different meditations written by three different people at three different times but arriving on his computer at approximately the same time.

One dealt with God as the beginning and the end and that all time was within the goodness of that providence.

The second dealt with the importance of seizing the moment — the opportune
time to reflect God’s gracious, eternal time.

The third dealt with the past, the present, the future all being within the goodness of now.

The man then walked is dog and took out the garbage. At the dumpster, his neighbor, who was dropping off his garbage, petted the man’s dog and told the man that he was getting along pretty well after having to put down his dog and that he’s thinking about getting another dog from the pound but he wants to be sure he would love the next dog as much as the last. He said he is trying to seize the moment, live in the moment and appreciate life as it comes, to appreciate things for themselves now and not just miss them so much when they are gone.

The man said, “Have a good day,” and then met another neighbor who was walking his dog. The dogs did as dogs do and the neighbor said, rhetorically, “Wouldn’t it be nice to live life in the now like our dogs?”

The maintenance manager, who joined the two men and their dogs, chimed in and
said he saw a new movie about dogs and how each dog one gets, no matter how different they seem from each other, is a reincarnation of the previous dog.

Then he said that all he knew was that his dogs were all different and that the only thing they had in common what that they were all really stupid. The three had a good laugh. Then the manager said, “Well, it is now time for me to get to work.”

The men parted company, the man’s dog did his business, the man picked up the poop in a poop bag and deposited it in the dumpster. The dog looked at the man as if to say, “Can we go home now? It’s time for me to eat.”

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