I Know That Things Aren’t Always As They Seem To Be

I know that “things aren’t
always as they seem,” and
that “you can’t tell a book
by its cover,” and other

clichés designed to help
us all keep in touch with
reality, but there are these
two young actors who

appear in commercials to-
gether. In one, one of the
guys sits on his porch and
blows bubbles, which his

yellow lab tries to bite.
In another the two guys
inhale helium and then
talk in those crazy voices

about watching movies.
In a third commercial
they spray each other
with squiggly goo and

then as they are watch-
ing TV, one asks the other
if all the goo is gone
and he is told yes, even

though there is still goo
in his hair. They are
actors and they are acting
but they seem like such

nice, nerdy, gooney guys.
I want to be their friend
and hang with them, and I
know I will never get to

know them and find out
that they may be different
from their personas, which
is really great because

this way, I will always
like them even if I can’t
hang with them and don’t
buy whatever it is that

they are hawking.


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