Sometimes It Takes A Long Time

Sometimes it takes a long
time to find out what when
discovered seems so obvious.
For years he had morning
leg cramps. He blamed the
two Bourbons from the night
before or time spent in the
spa or both while hobbling
around the house trying not
to make cries of agony and
wake his wife and dog. It
must be the lack of potass-
ium, so he ate banana after
banana to no avail and then
he read his blood panel report
and saw that he was border-
line low on sodium. Sodium?
Sodium is the evil ingredient.
He had always craved salt
but was always instructed
to be a good boy, practice
discipline and stay away
from salt for the sake of
his blood pressure. One day
he woke with leg cramps
and tossed some sea salt
into his mouth and washed
it down with a glass of
water. Instantly, the cramps
went away. Voila! In that
moment of revelation he knew
what he must do to stay
healthy — eat more salt
while looking forward to
enjoying a double Bourbon
up-neat in the spa in the


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