Balance and a Lot of Cliches

It has become a cliché to say
“Stop the world; I want to get off,”
but such clichés may,
help provide some kind of trade-off.

With a super busy schedule —
work, kids, date night, exercise, too,
perhaps it’s time to seek the essential.
Instead of fifty kilometers, a 5K may do.

Don’t give up; it’s all good stuff.
It just needs a little moderation.
Yes, a little less huff and puff
to bring balance to your life’s great narration.

Then when the kids are gone and grown
leaving time to take that long run,
unfortunately, your knees will ache
and you can only moan
and barely get through a fun run.

But then, another cliché could be fine —
Tempus Fugit, seize the day.
Oh, life can be like such fine wine.
Not another cliché?

Really? Oh, what the heck!
Just don’t worry. It will all be okay.


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