Mommy Dearest

We’ve all had remorse for doing
so many stupid things,
but not all have had a Dutch Reformed
mother to reinforce and multiply the stings.
This anti-cupid would draw back her bow
and a plethora of arrows she would throw.
It’s been years since she died,
but her legacy lives on in the shots
to my punctured hide and wounded pride.
“Mommy Dearest, please give it a rest.
Not only am I your only son,
but, frankly, I was the best.
Like the age-group run I once won —
first place, the best, even if I,
in that bracket, was the only one.
So, mom, yes, maybe you could have done better
or maybe you gave it your best,
I forgive you, because as I was your only son,
you were my mother — yes, the best in your
bracket, the only one.”

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