My Huge American Flag Was Not Flying Today — by James Berbiglia

My huge American flag was not flying today.
My flag stands for freedom, equality, justice.
My flag welcomes the poor, the downtrodden, the outcasts and refugees of tyranny.
My flag stands above a democratic Republic in which all citizens participate.
My flag stands for unity as citizens speak out and then compromise on the best possible choices.
My flag stand for hope for the young, trust for the adults, care and dignity for the elderly.
My flag is honored by its history as we struggle to form a more perfect union.
My flag symbolizes the best in our United States of America.
My flag flies in peacetime, wartime and in the confusions and costly mistakes of politicians.
My flag will continue to fly as we work to keep the ship of state on the true course.
So, my flag did not fly on the 45th Inauguration Day…but it will rise at defiantly at dawn tomorrow!


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