All the Way Home

The Indians will, once again, have
to leave the comfort of their homes,
pack their teepees and travel in the
bitter cold to stop the desecration
of the reservation.

The Hispanics will, once again,
hunker down and try to become
invisible in their barrios avoiding
eye contact and venturing out mostly
in fright at night.

The women will, once again, put on
their running shoes and take to the
streets to take back the hard-earned
and won fight to be women — equal
in their own right.

The blacks will, once again, look up
and down, back and forth for any squad
cars driving through the neighborhood
and they will check their car’s lights
and be sure to use their turn signals
when switching lanes to avoid police
inflicted pain.

The working-class, white men will, once
again, feel betrayed by the system and
this time in particular by The Hollow Man
who promised them the moon only to
deliver a crashing meteor — a kick
to their posterior.

The elderly, once again, will wonder
about the safety of their social
security checks and if their Medicare and
Medicaid will fade.

A single mother, breast cancer survivor,
who works as a home health aide for the
disabled and has to get her own insurance
will lie down, first cry and then die.

And the rich will go, we, we, we, we
all the way home as the Dow climbs
higher than ever previously known
for the ten percent that eighty-
five percent of the that market do own.

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