His Athletic Prowess

Got a notification by e-mail
about a guy I knew a few
years ago, a guy who was
legendary in his small community

for having been a really big
jock in his playing days (three
sports in high school) and
then in retirement was quite

the long distance runner and
cross-country skier who loved
to regale anyone who might
listen about his athletic prowess

and accomplishments. He had
swagger in the jogging shoes he
always wore even when he was

just sitting having coffee at a
local coffee shop or at a mid-
week church potluck. He was into
comparisons knowing full well

that when he engaged people,
seemingly with genuine interest,
about what they did to stay in
shape and maintain a healthy

lifestyle, he then would nod con-
descendingly, tell those people
how nice that was with faux
appreciation, and then tell them

how much better he did it. He died.

1 thought on “His Athletic Prowess

  1. And so it goes, eh? Death, the great leveler … and I wonder how many people he left by the ditch, with his honey-dripped words veiling his contempt for everyone not up to his standards. Tough place to be; I suspect he never really enjoy himself, or anyone else for that matter. Thanks for posting.

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