Hunkering Down Without Fear

How far can we get out of our comfort zone?
We’re feeling like the kid who was left home alone.
Just like that, our world is upside down
and now it seems we are led by a clown.
Even while marching for justice and peace,
and the energy it generates in each
of us, we are left without adequate speech
and sometimes we just want to screech!
“Stop the world we want to get off!”
and short of that sleep deep on a pillow so very soft.
Here again it is Sunday evening —
the night we look forward to excellent TV viewing;
A comforting glass or two of white wine
and a Masterpiece program or two — viewing so fine.
We know that Monday will dawn so near,
but for now, we will hunker down
without a whole lot of fear
and watch the best of BBC
and say a prayer for you and me.

1 thought on “Hunkering Down Without Fear

  1. Hunkering down without fear … or maybe a little fear … and even a lot of fear … for me … fear that needs to be managed, corralled, but it refuses to be sent away … like alarm bells in the night … something is amiss, something really wrong, something dangerous and deadly … ah well … thanks for this posting … and the comments about protest.

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