Calling Out Other Whites

I am a privileged, white, American male.
I am a middle-class, senior citizen.
I write in deep humility and appreciation of what simply has been my reality.
I write this because I am a fortunate beneficiary of life in America.
I’m a first generation American on my Swedish father’s side.
I’m a third generation American on my Dutch mother’s side.
My parents completed tenth grade.
My father came to America from Sweden
as a five-year-old.
His mother, the grandmother I never knew,
died in childbirth when my father was eight.
His father, the grandfather I never knew,
worked in an East Chicago, IN steel mill.
My grandfather died in the Spanish Influenza
pandemic of 1918 when my father was thirteen.
My mother, one of six children, was the only
one in her family to have a job during the
Great Depression and every cent of her salary
went to keep the family going.
My father hopped freights as a hobo during the depression.
My father worked as a guide at the 1933 World’s Fair.
My father started his own business as a monument salesman.
My mother was a bookkeeper and, later,
a clerk in a women’s dress shop.
When I was a junior in high school,
my father had a major heart attack.
When I was a senior in high school,
my father, unable to provide financially
for his family because of ill-health,
committed suicide.
My mother had a nervous breakdown and
then went on to hold down two jobs to
keep the family going.
I went to community college on a scholarship.
I completed college on a scholarship earning
a Bachelor of Arts degree.
I completed four years of seminary
graduating with a Master of Divinity
I completed the Doctor of Ministry
degree (with distinction).
I published approximately twenty-five
articles, essays, think-pieces,
editorials and short-stories.
I retired after forty-years of ordained ministry.
I have, in retirement, published two books of
poetry in collaboration with my daughter.
I live comfortably in retirement with my
wife of twenty-one years. We are both
widowed, our late spouses having died
tragically in their forties.
I was given every break afforded white males
in America.
As a first generation, white, American male
I have no patience for any and all — read that
— all white, working class Americans who
resent and bemoan their situation in life and
who voted for what they mistakenly believe
will be their white savior — Donald Trump.
I have nine grandchildren and step-grandchildren
of multiple ethnicities but who are all of one race —
the human race, and I trust and pray that they and
all other children of immigrants (meaning everyone
in America) will be granted all the opportunities
afforded and guaranteed in the United States Constitution
and Bill of Rights.
I will work to help secure the dignity and rights of all
people who are in America and who will come to America
— all ethnic groups, all men, all women, all children,
every sexual orientation, every religious preference
— all, without reservation, that they may be as
privileged as I have been — and even more so.


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