He Embraced Ignorance

He embraced ignorance as
the only way
of knowing
anything, anything at all
that might come his way.

There are those in politics,
philosophy and religion
who through
did postulate
this theory
or that to save humanity
before it is too late.

Here’s the truth, there’s
the truth, everywhere
there’s somebody’ truth, truth, truth.

While not wanting to
sound uncouth,
he realized that the
only truth was
that he was ignorant
of whatever was true.

And so starting with
that assumption, knowing
full well
how to spell
he assumed he knew nothing
and knew nothing very well.

He was a first class ignoramus
but who was soon to become famous,
because he devised a system
of finding out just one thing.

He had a thesis and an antithesis
and soon discovered the synthesis
which, ironically, led him to
the Myth of Sisyphus.

Are we really just destined to push the
rock up the mountain only to have it fall back again?

Are all human efforts in vain
to find the eternal golden vein
which will secure humanity again and again?

Who can predict what will come next
seeing how close we have come to non-exist?

And so he has decided to live in ignorance
and take his wife to the next dance
hoping the red button doesn’t get pushed
and humanity is extinguished.

But there are no guarantees,
no promises to be made,
except to live in the ignorance that’s bliss
and give his wife a good morning and goodnight kiss

and say, “I love you, dear,” and
then hear eternal words so true,
“Oh, dear, I love you, too.”

And so he concluded he could not
know more than this: the eternal
worth of a loving kiss.

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