The Really Good News About the Really Bad News

People are afraid and there
are Hispanics right now who
are being torn from family and
friends by the Trump Gestapo
forces known as ICE and that is
existentially really scary and
the totally under-reported bad
news but the really good news
about the really bad news is that
this administration is in the
throes of death in the first month
of its existence (You can hear the
death rattle in the president’s
lies.), as we speak because, dumb
as they are, they don’t even know
that they have committed high
crimes and misdemeanors against
the Constitution and word has it
that the Donald would really like
to be out of the lonely nights in
the White House and free to be
the Donald of all Donald Trump
enterprises and, as he will say
some day, he had no idea how
boring it could be being the
President of the United States
and that from a boring jail cell.


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