Rain Check Please

He felt sorry for the
to the Valley of the Sun
when there was none.
Stuck in their resort room
how could the family
have any fun?
Think about that — a
family of four; it doesn’t
even take more
to experience life
as a series of skirmishes
and fights
because life in paradise
is an incredible bore.
All the money on the
cards and out of the
saving and checking
and just plain out the door.
While cold outside, the
in the room just
mounts and mounts
and soon it will be
about as high
as the blue sky temps
back in sweet home
Chicago (really blue skies?)
where they would be
having cheap fun
which they aren’t having
here in the Valley of the Sun —
where it is overcast
with a lot of rain,
if you can believe that,
because around here
the sun is the source for
the Valley’s fame.
He and his wife
are snowbirds
who stay around for
a few months
when it is cold back
home and can wait out
the rain
while hearing the residents’
grateful refrain,
“Thank the Lord for
all this beautiful rain.
Don’t worry; the sun
will be out in the Valley
soon again.”
Unfortunately, not
for the vacationers.


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