I’m Not a Celebrity, But…

There are people of celebrity and fame
who tweet that the president is to blame
for just about everything under the sun.
All I know is that he thinks he’s #1.
Some contend he is a malevolent narcissist
and that everyone should rise and resist.
All I know is that he thinks he’s #1
and all this resisting sure is fun.
I feel like a college kid protesting Viet Nam.
This time it’s to protest the flim-flam man.
Just ‘cause they’re celebrities doesn’t make them right,
but I have to concede, I’m having nightmares and daytime fright.
So, I guess I’ll keep beating the protest drum,
because no one should think he’s #1.
Just on the face of it that sounds sick
like he really could be a malevolent narcissist.
I may not a famous person be
but I concur with all those celebrities.
I think a guy blind enough to think he’s #1
should pack it in and say he’s done
and go back to his business of real estate
so we will not have to worry about the world’s fate.


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