A Poke So Slow

My friend The Rev. Dr. Thomas Eggebeen posted a thoughtful piece at his blog (http://thoughtslist.blogspot.com/) about slowing down from life’s frantic pace
to keep good company along the way.

This was my comment (with minor changes) back to Tom:

The other day while I was out for a jog,
an acquaintance passed in her car.

The next day we had a phone conversation
and she said, “I see you were taking a walk.”

And so it goes
for a poke so slow.
A mile I used to run
in minutes numbering eight.
Now I speed along
at a much slower rate.
One day I’ll run a mile
in minutes numbering twenty-eight.
I’d ask you to go for a run with me,
but I’m afraid for dinner you’d be very late,
so let’s just sit sipping a glass of wine
and tell each other
that life is like wine very fine,
which, in the making,
takes a little more time —
to get it just right for the taking.

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