Benefits of Aging

His long dead parents
are more acceptable to him.
In his dreams, they are
less threatening and
usually partner with him
in some interesting,
dreamy adventure.
He thinks about friends.
So many have come and
gone — some to death,
others just gone from
his life, some with
explanations, some
with none, just gone,
ghost like, apparitions
from his past.
Who were they?
He has had the most
trouble accepting
those — no goodbyes,
no responses
to inquiries, no
explanations, nothing,
just a great, silence
that evokes the cry
of why. But
even those, the
toughest to accept,
he is giving up
to the great beyond
with no recriminations.
Content without an
explanation he doesn’t
need, he wishes
them well, mostly
for his own sake
as they still, sometimes
suddenly flit through
a thought or even
a dream after he
has bid his parents
adieu. Some even
go on nocturnal
with him but
just a few.

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