Dinner With a Spiritual Runner

At dinner at a really nice, up-
scale Mexican restaurant in

Phoenix, he and his wife were
joined by their daughter by

his late wife and the two
grandchildren. Five days

previously, their daughter had
completed a thirty-five mile

trail run in Northern Arizona.
While looking across the table

at her, he thought of the awk-
ward, gangly, high school kid

running around the track and
then he thought about all

the years in between and the
grief over her mother’s tragic

death and how his daughter kept
it together through therapy and

the love and support of friends
and how she had found her vision

quest through trail running
and then five days ago running,

by invitation, through the sacred, 
Navajo land of enchantment as she,

the beautiful, spiritual child
described it in detail as they

inhaled the gourmet, street tacos
and tossed back classic Margaritas.


3 thoughts on “Dinner With a Spiritual Runner

  1. What a wonderful love poem to Rachael…and a survival poem for a great family!

    [What happened to the dinner salads and dinner rolls of the past?]

  2. Sweet words.
    Tho I may not run, nor Ironman Lou, in dreams we do.

    But I will be able to walk again w/o hip cast after my visit to your town’s hospital for a 3-hr surgery slot Thursday a.m. Deterioating, bad since the foot fix Jan.22 led to 2 June dislocations. what next? I begin to feel like the song: the hip bone’s connected to the….I hear the word of the Lord!

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