Wishful Thinking?

Wishful thinking?
Not a chance.
Stinkin’ thinkin’?
This ain’t no rain dance.
Looks like we’re headed
into plutocratic expanse.
Yes, that’s so dreaded,
but it’s now fire under their suited pants
of those spirited women.
They’re leaving nothin’ to chance.
They marched with an omen
taking a firm stance
against politicians with egos swollen
and those seeking riches to enhance.
Don’t give up on our democracy.
Strong women and men with integrity
Will step forward for our posterity.
Grab those signs
March in time.
Stay diligent.
Be peacefully militant.
We have a Constitution
And a Bill of Rights.
We will throw the kleptocrats out
and duly elect public servants
who will rain down justice
like fire and ice.


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