The Travel Weary Guy Flew Home

The travel weary guy flew home
after six months in Scotland via
Edinburgh, Iceland into Los

Angeles. He left before the pres-
idential election and after the
election thought, facetiously,

of requesting permanent residency
in Great Britain, but who then
thought, seriously, that he had

better hightail it home before he
might be stopped at LAX which he,
a white, middle-age, heterosexual,

Christian male might be thinking
that one day they would come for
his demographic not even consider-

ing that it would be for, upon dis-
embarking, overhearing a snarky
remark about the new president

and responding by letting out a
little laugh, which is what happen-
ed. The White House press secret-

ary speaking to the fake news,
lying journalists denied any sur-
veillance of any demographic of

any Americans having a good
laugh at the new president’s ex-
pense saying the president had it

on good, reliable reports from
truth-telling right-wing media
that the white guy was, in all

actuality, a brown skin, Muslim
extremist terrorist in white
face. When said guy heard this,

he laughed again, thus sealing
his fate while wondering if they
had beach time so he could get

a little tan for his pale, white
face and happy hour with single
barrel, small batch rum and

Cuban cigars at Guantanamo.

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