Causation of Recrimination

He’s been feeling
Those things with
Which he thought
He had come to
Terms Long ago –
Not much elation,
More trepidations,
Past humiliations,
Not many “good, good,
Good, good,
Vibrations,” just
Negative “excitations.”
Then he wondered
The source
Of those agitations
And concluded
It was the current
Political situation
Which was the
Causation of
His consternation.
So, he started to pray,
“You’re okay, you’re,
Okay and have a
Nice day today.
Put on your new
Running shoes
And go out and
Play. Work up
A sweat on
The trail.
Inhale, exhale.
Get out of jail,
free. Amen.”

One thought on “Causation of Recrimination

  1. The political situation has thrown this whole nation into a tailspin … those who support the present administration are pushing themselves into high gear to defend the indefensible, and those who oppose it are disturbed and saddened to the core of their being. We’re in a wretched place, and it’s creating all kinds of social, family and psychological havoc.

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