The Prophet’s Music to His Ears In the Valley of the Sun

She said her son’s name is Malachi,
as in the Old Testament prophet,
but no one calls him that. Everyone,
including teachers, pronounce it
Mal-A-Chi as in Mariachi, so they
don’t use his first name anymore.
It had been forever since he read
the last book in the Old Testament,
but at only four chapters, he thought
what the heck and then he read in
chapter three: I (the Lord) will draw
near to you…. I will be swift to bear
witness against…those who oppress
hired workers for their wages, the
widow and the orphan, against those
who thrust aside the alien….”
told him everyone uses her son’s
middle name – Music. Seriously?
Malachi Music? He thought but
didn’t say, Well, you could change
his name to Mariachi Music. Every-
one would get that. Whatever,
it was all music to his ear
here in the Valley of the Sun.


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