We Spend Our Lives

We spend our lives searching for
wholeness for the fragments –
putting the pieces together once

we’ve identified the pieces which
takes so much of our time – am
I this, that or the other? And then

there are those who stop search-
ing for whatever reason and those
who never started and the whole

enterprise is aborted. Then there
are those who are told that a frag-
ment is the whole and live in that

little, truncated world believing
but not feeling. All those along
the path need prayer, especially

those who just settled and stopped
searching believing the journey
was too arduous or there was no

need to search on. As you pass
them, wave, smile and say a prayer
that you keep going, growing,

searching, finding, realizing that
our whole is only in connection
and communion with others, with

nature, with the creation, with
the origin and the destination of
it all who joins us on the journey

of eternity, sometimes glimpsed
in a fragment of a moment here,
there, anywhere — perhaps in

a single, deep inhale and a
single, deep exhale and the
mindfulness to know both as one.

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