The President Saw Something on Cable News and Boldly Took Decisive Action, Not

The president saw on cable
TV, probably Fox News, his
main news source, dozens

killed by nerve gas and he
was outraged. But, what about
all the collateral damage (sic),

human beings slaughtered by
U.S. bombing raids at the
instruction of this president?

But we are the exceptionally
righteous, Christian country,
so whatever we do is A-okay.

Now, media outlets are cover-
ing the news and cheering on
the president for defending

everyone and the president’s
extremely low poll ratings will
do an about-face and he will

benefit from the macho move
and the Republicans can breathe
a sigh of relief as the elect-

ions approach and Putin says
to the president, “The little
bombing was just enough to do

nothing but give the impression
you are doing something. Very
smart, Comrade. Now back off.”

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