He Likes Punctuation

He’s a guy who likes punctuation
in prose. He wanted to critique

Faulkner but he was only a college
freshman and wondered who he

was to say something negative
about a Nobel Prize winner. When

he tried, his professor wondered
about that, too. When it comes to

poetry, he likes stanzas and line
breaks. He can live without rhyme

and meter but he likes them, too.
What he doesn’t like is prose

trying to be poetry but is really
prose except there isn’t much

punctuation and the sentences
tend to run on and on into huge

paragraphs which should be
several paragraphs with really

good punctuation and, therefore,
decent prose. Some poetry

actually has good punctuation,
hopefully, like what you are

reading right now, but be-
cause it is poetry, it doesn’t

really need it as you might
know if you have read e.e.

cummings. At least Faulkner,
with all his lousy punctuation

and lack of paragraphing, wasn’t
calling it prose poetry.

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