The Tiny Beam of Light*

He walks through the open
doorway and closes the door

behind him. He enters into
nothingness, no ego, no

vanity, no mixed motives,
nothing and there in the

black hole of existence is
the essence of his existence,

in the black hole of his
core — nothing and then

everything — a tiny spark,
a glimmer of light, the

eternal essence, the only
thing that matters, the

love of God and in that
tiny beam of light he sees

who he is and all the love
that surrounds him coming

back at him from all those
who have been touched by

his life and love and in
that nothingness he finds


*idea from a meditation by Frederick Buechner

2 thoughts on “The Tiny Beam of Light*

  1. One of your very best, Bob! You captured the very essence of our experience previewed in Easter. Thank you, again…and again.

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