The Sultan’s Oligarchy, Plutocracy, Anti-Democracy and the Juxtaposition of Jesus

As Americans are lulled
into dulled acquiescence
by corporate commercials

and Casper Milquetoast TV
journalism, owned by the
corporations, they, for

reasonable reason in this
lopsided culture, can be
wiped off the face of the

earth by one fell swoop
of the one percent of
one percent at anytime

they might wish to land
that knockout blow. This
isn’t just about red, black,

yellow, brown and white;
this is about muddle-head-
ed, middle class folk who

think they are really safe
in Sultan land or assume
they are powerful enough

and strong enough to pro-
test against all things
unjust unaware that they

are just one swipe away
from oblivion just as
Jesus was and we know how

that worked out for the
Sanhedrin and Romans and
will for the Sultans in

spite of their oligarchic,
plutocratic, anti-democratic
empires — juxtapositional


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