If They Are To Stay

If they are to stay in this
glorious land along the
inland sea, they, who long
for the out-of-doors and
love the forests and waters,
must sit and listen and
run along the trails and
hear the voices of the past
and voices of the land
before the indigenous,
original peoples and
then the original peoples
and transcend those who
came from Europe and
conquered and dominated
and subjugated and eviscer-
ated the wild land so much
so that the indigenous
people fled and the wild,
swamps went silent under
all the deep, dark, black
dirt brought in to fill
felled forests and suffocate
swamps and silence the cries
of the wild, in the name of
decency and order and control,
which resulted in neat rows
after rows after rows and
pollution of the wonderful
waters. They only want to
breathe in and breathe out
all that was before and what
could be after what is and
unite with all that was
and once again will be
when empire ceases to be
and hear once again the
Eastern Massasauga’s rattle
and the haunting beat
of a drum.


2 thoughts on “If They Are To Stay

  1. Beautifully, tearfully, expressed … shared via Twitter … as I think about it, the Dutch immigrants of the 1840s came here because they thought they were better than everyone else back home, so they came here to practice their own version of self-righteousness, which always means dominance and conquering, power and money. Pretty darn sick, and what a price the land has paid … and all the early peoples … and everyone to this very day … the folks who work in their factories and those who grow the blueberries and the celery … Dutch Feudalism … the righteous wealthy and the poorly paid heathens.

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