A Conveyor Belt to Heaven

They passed by his window
this morning. They were out
for a walk with their dog.
He doesn’t like the couple.
Loving them isn’t much of
a chore. He would do anything
to help them if they were in
need and he doesn’t wish them
harm. He just doesn’t like them
and he feels bad about that
but overcoming not liking is
much more difficult than loving.
Liking the unlikable is really
hard. He would settle for no
feelings about them at all.
He thought to himself, “Now
there is a worthy endeavor.”
He remembered the image of
a conveyor belt which would
carry all of one’s resentments
to God. He got a chuckle out
of thinking about putting the
couple on a conveyor belt,
a conveyor belt big enough
to carry their dog, too.

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