May One

It’s May One.
May Day! May Day!
Today in this country.
But as he sits looking
Out on the rainy day,
He remembers walking
Through the Pine Grove
On campus, a transfer
Student, an insecure
Boy, somewhat belonging
But longing as he watched
Buddies and friends
Laughing and prancing
Along the walk, and
Then he saw the May Day
Maypole in the middle
Of the grove — female
Students in pastels, holding
Pastel ribbons and dancing
Around the pole. He stopped
And, for a moment, in his
Heart, he danced with them
Round and round and then
With books under his arm,
He headed back to the dorm
As the rain began to fall
That early spring day —
The first of May.

1 thought on “May One

  1. Beautifully written … the longing (for what?), the belonging, the not belonging … an image of kindness, and Hope … and dance for a bit … that’s all it takes … just a bit … powerful memory … do any of us finally, ever, really, belong? May Day … O LORD, help us!

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