He Came Across the Words

He came across the words
annus mirabilis,
and mistakenly thought of a
part of his wife’s anatomy.
Wanting to sound very profound
And oh, so very European,
he said, “Darling, you have such
an annus mirabilis.”
She said, “Well, thank you, dear
and I hope you too have
a great year.
But European into the wind,
So please rescind
Such erroneous references
To parts of my anatomy.”
“Darling, not to correct,
but I think you mean
And she retorted,
“I don’t take kindly to
your comments misogynous.”
“Again, you completely
I’m only thinking of
your wonderfully miraculous gland.”
To which she concluded, “How
did I marry such a sex-obsessed
dolt of a man?”


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