The White Man is Afraid

The white man is afraid
he is fading away.
He looked in the mirror today
and thought about the mistakes he made.

He thought he should be a darker shade
in order to be seen more clearly,
so he sat in the sun sincerely
and now with skin cancer he’s being repaid.

First basal cell, then carcinoma squamous
finally, all out melanoma.
He’s quite a pathetic fella.
He says, “There’s a conspiracy upon us.

Foreign physicians are excising who we are
until there is nothing left of our white race.
There’s hardly anything left of my face.
Some might think my thoughts bizarre,

but just you wait till there is no white race
left for others to hate.
Oh, no, I think it is too late.
Oblivion is our fate.
There goes my face!”

“It’s okay, darling,” his white wife said
as he jumped out of the chair.
“I think you should go to bed.
You’ve given me quite a scare.”

So, he stopped by the bathroom
to have a quick look just in case.
“Oh, no,” he screamed,
“I now have a black, Hispanic, Asian,
First People’s face.”

It looks like restorative justice
for the white race.
He had it coming, because
we all came out of Africa, in the first place.

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