The New Macgregor Baseball Mitt

My father took the new
Macgregor baseball mitt
off the shelf
and said, “See if this is a fit.”
It fit like a glove
and as a twelve-year-old,
I was immediately in love.
“Let’s take it home
and work on it a bit.”
He rubbed neats foot oil
into the palm,
placed a baseball in the center
and wrapped a rubber band
around what then looked like a
huge, but beautiful, squished hand.
“Leave it for a few days.”
I mumbled, “I don’t know if I can
wait that long to put it on my hand.
I have a game tomorrow night.”
“Your old glove will be alright.”
Next day, I pulled the band off the glove
And slipped it on my hand.
The ball fell out and bounced on
the floor.
Fortunately, I just heard a snore.
A reprove never came.
I picked up the ball,
put it in the palm
replaced the band
so everything looked the same.
I used my old glove in the game.
and it worked just fine
so I had the new glove
till I was inducted to the Hall of Fame.
Then I heard my dad say,
“Son, all things in time.”

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