Dear Potential Violator

Dear potential violator of laws per copywriting,
While I appreciate the highlighting
of my writing even without crediting,
I would suggest some editing.

Give credit where credit is due, they say.
I’m not trying to make money or hay.
I just want a vote for what I wrote
whether or not you think one should take note.

Perhaps, I should take it as flatter
and I don’t know that it would even matter,
and, I understand it is the internet
and people follow what’s in one’s own interest best.

If it happened, I would have no control
over being an intellectual property victim
concerning what someone stole,
so it’s really all about an honor system.

On the right hand column
there is an imprimatur
and I might think that from copying,
readers would surely demur.

But, dear reader, there are those who
ignore the copyright,
lift an idea without attribution,
which, even purloined innocently,
is not very polite.

It’s such an easy thing to do —
this copying with proper citation.
Please, just write, “Old so and so – who knew –
could make such a brilliant presentation?”

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