Don’t Depend on the Glory Days

I have to believe I have left compassionate marks
in parishioners’ hearts,
but I feel a need
to make another mark and plant a seed.

I was told by a popular, recently retired CEO,
you have fifteen minutes of fame after you go,
so find something meaningful to do
and don’t depend on Bruce Springsteen’s Glory Days to see you through.

After three years in campus ministry
where there is no campus ministry anymore,
therefore, there is no record of my ministry there forevermore.

I checked my previous pastorates
on-line and saw that I am not mentioned
anywhere anymore nor anytime.

My first congregation is looking for a pastor
but my early ministry is not mentioned there anymore.

My yoked church with the other congregation
also is looking for a pastor but I’m not mentioned there anymore.

I served another church as senior minister for ten years
but I’m not mentioned there anymore.

I moved north and served a church
for eight years but am not mentioned there anymore.

I served many years as an interim minister,
but I am not sure I am mentioned
in any of those places anymore.

It’s a good thing I have a sense of self today,
because if I left it up to previous pastorates
I wouldn’t even exist anymore in anyway.

So, the moral is undeniable,
don’t entrust your mark to memories unreliable.

I give myself a pinch
and when I feel a wince,
I give thanks I’m alive,
have published articles numbering twenty-five
and a couple of books
and am blogging poetry for anyone who looks.

and even though my grandkids
will have little memory of me, my or myself,
they just have to look at the books on a dusty, old shelf.

1 thought on “Don’t Depend on the Glory Days

  1. When I arrived at Central College as the chaplain intern I said to myself that I was going to make an impression on the entire student body. By Thanksgiving I had reduced the estimate to about 200. After Christmas it dropped to 100. After spring break it dropped to 50. At the end of my nine months I could claim to have been influential in eight students’ lives. One entered the ministry. Two got married. Two got divorced. Two decided not to have their baby. One was committed to a mental institution.

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