Please Keep Tweeting

I hope the president’s
dumb and dumber,
ugly and uglier,
crude and cruder,
mean and meaner
tweets won’t stop,
because, eventually,
then the man who
delusionally dreams
of being on top
will be all alone
with only his phone
and his tweets
to keep him company,
before the men in white coats
strap him in a straight jacket
and accompany
him out of the White House
into psychiatric care
and eventually the big house,
hopefully putting an end
to our national nightmare
and his making money off the
American public by the only
thing about which he cares —
his dishonest, moneymaking rackets.

One thought on “Please Keep Tweeting

  1. This kind of behavior never reaches a plateau … but only keeps going … crazy is as crazy does, I guess … and it can only end badly for him, and for him, I hope, before it affects the rest of us.

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