Banish Them to Hjelm

Whenever I hear anything, I mean
anything at all, about the president,
I become a spiritual failure
and curse worse than a @#$%^&*@#$%!!!!!!! sailor:
I am so embarrassed that he
is at the helm;
I am just overwhelmed
that the US has become a
@#$%^&*@#$ netherworld realm
run by psychos, sociopaths, sycophants,
all that should be banished
to Hjelm,
an uninhabited Danish island,
which would then become hell.
The Danes are the happiest people
in the world who obviously aren’t
in touch with reality
and could use an
attitude adjustment promptly.
They need to live for awhile with our
Federal administration’s banality.
I know that would be a slap in the Scandinavian face
but would give us a little breathing space.
Besides, my wife would like me
to quit being a spiritual failure and
stop swearing like a @#$%^&*@#
sailor, with apologies from
my wife to all those sailors
and thank you for your service to the country.

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