deep breath, sigh, what a waste land

deep breath, sigh, what a waste land
except for the two lesser watched

pbs stations from nine to twelve
p.m. when you can watch top-notch

mysteries in subtitles from twenty-
years ago just like you used to watch

real foreign art films at the art
theatre, (is that theater or theatre?)

[before porn invaded] in hyde park
near the university of chicago when

you were a student at a south suburban
jr. (now community) college and wanted

to appear really, really, intellectually
sophisticated, except that it was easier

then to read the subtitles on a big
screen as versus a relatively small

flat screen hd tv and even though
it was before porn hit art theaters

/theatres (not to mention the per-
centage of viewers of porn on the

internet) you could watch gina lollo-
brigida and not care a whit about

the subtitles and still get a thrill
and then later at home with the family

hear the swedish chef on the pbs
station your children used to watch.

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