Mostly Air

Banks create money.
Mostly air floating
The internet into
Accounts as loans —
More and more and more
Loans; then banks sell
The loans to other
Banks for a profit
And those banks
Sell those loans to
Other banks for
A profit and
Companies buy
Companies with
The air money
And then sell
The companies
To other companies
For a profit of
Air money
And real wages go
Down and down
And real people go
Down and down
Until the company
Is bled dry and is
Now as worthless
As the air money
That is making
The one percent
Really, really
Wealthy on
Air. And then
The Ponzi scheme
Crashes on Trump
Tower and The
Donald is seen
On the street
Pleading, “Hey,
Brother, could you
Lend me a dime?”
But there aren’t
Any. There is only
Polluted air
Rising from the

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