Continuing to Say They Pray But Only Bray

Esau was famished and sold his
birthright to Jacob for a pot of porridge.
The Donald is greedy and owes
his bank account to a mortgage
owned by Putin
and is about to sell America’s birthright
for next to nothin’.
The Russian mafia boss now controls
the pathetic, American wannabe mob boss celebrity.
Forty dissidents have been killed
in Russia deliberately
in three years.
How many will die in America
fostering fears upon fears?
These are two peas in a pod
both leaders of respective mobs.
Idiot, American, conservative evangelicals
love both these mafia bosses
and will stand by their prejudices
no matter the human losses.
Civil liberties are being eroded
day by day
to the pleasure of dumb-ass,
nitwit, Northern and Southern whites
who say they pray
but sell their souls
for less than Esau’s porridge
but just continue like Balaam’s
ass, but unfortunately for the wrong
reasons, to bray.

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