In Such Dire Straits, What Else Could They Propose?

It seems like the movies at
the DVD store are 90 % violent,
8 % slick, evangelical prop-
aganda disguised as commercial
movies and 2% porn, in a back
room, which probably accounts
for more in rentals and sales
than that of the other 98%.

It seems like every other
channel on cable TV is a
mindless, evangelical,
fundamentalist “personal
salvation in Jesus Christ”
gospel channel with the
majority of the rest being
dummy-down comedy or
violent films.

If the media is a reflection
of the state of our culture,
we are in dire straits.

So Congress wants to do
the only reasonable thing
to do faced with such dire
straits — cut funds to
Public Broadcasting  which
broadcasts award-winning
programs of the following:
news, educational programs
for children, cutting edge
science programs, nature
programs, top-notch, invest-
igative programs and arts
programming of music, visual
arts, drama and ballet.

Of course, in such dire
straits, what other course
of action could this Congress,
the guardian of our morals,

Oh, yeah, the righteous
male Speaker of the House
can make sure the female
members of the House don’t
ever wear sleeveless blouses
or dresses. For shame, ladies.
Maybe it’s the chill air
that always seems to blow
through the chamber.

And while the “ever
popular among witless
fundamentalist Christians”
President is a notorious
serial adulterer who can’t
seem to keep his hands
off of women’s privates
and out of women’s pants,
at least we have the most
moral man in the country
in our Vice-President who
courageously refuses, as
a witness to his Lord and
Savior Jesus, to sit down
at the same table for dinner
with any woman, if his wife
is not present.

“Me thinks he does protest
too much.” Wonder what
he’s watching? A slick
evangelical flick? Naah.
One of those 2 percenters
with big rental and sales

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